I will always be grateful for how this was depicted in the film.

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Lions and tigers and bears oh my!

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Anonymous asked: do you participate in the program of chatting and snapping?

Haha yea guess my name??

im not trying to start anything. its nothing spiteful, nothing hateful. just a hello. thats all. ill leave you to go enjoy your life now.

I didn’t think it was. There’s not much to enjoy

i knew you knew. not like its hard. who else is this clever that you know with words and quotes. i have things to do ATM. maybe ill send something else later.

No one but you. I’ll be at work till 2300 just FYI

simply to say hello. shes visting family. i never really get chances to leave much so i work work work. somehow a story reminded me of when i first moved here and i thought to myself…self, go look people up and say hello.

Which story? And hello. I don’t know why you think I didn’t know who it was.

elyts ruoy ton staht esuaceb ,gninaw tnsi tsertni ruoy dna .nona tuoba ynnuf stahw staht ,ma i ohw wonk ydaerla uoy

hows that for cryptic

Your exactly right I know who you are. Which leads me to wonder where your wife is? And why now after all this time? It’s always a charade. Has been since day one despite efforts otherwise.

because anon says so……anon knows everything. anon decides everything

Oh so cryptic anon. Mad props. Really. But sorry my interest is waning, If you were someone important or who really cared you wouldn’t bother with the charade. So yea cool though for the attempt

ThIs AnOn Is DoInG nOt MuCh. AnOn Is ClEvEr. AnOn KnOwS yOu MoRe ThAn YoU kNoW

If that’s the case then why anon?





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